The Different, Simple, Fun Way to Stop Scrolling Social Media, Daydreaming, and Other Time-Wasting Habits

Warning! Whatever you do, don’t stop after the first step. Although it may seem otherwise at first glance, it doesn’t work very well on its own. Read all three steps carefully.

1) Find the concrete alternative that makes you happiest. That means something you can actually do that feels like a delight. (Having trouble identifying something that makes you happy?)

2) Don’t deny if the time-wasting habit is appealing to you. Instead, pause and say, yes, this is enjoyable, but, is it more enjoyable than my alternative, which I could be doing right now? Keep thinking about how much fun your alternative is.

3) Your goal is to remember that more and more often while you’re doing the habit you want to stop. Make reminders, ask for help.

When you can consistently offer yourself a concrete, right-now, joyful alternative in the moment, idle scrolling doesn’t stand a chance.

If your alternative is less of an infinite-scroll situation, you’ll find yourself more present after it to accomplish less pleasant things too. The average American supposedly spends three hours a day on social media — plenty of time for both. But either way, you’ll be more relaxed, fulfilled, and free of the myriad of negative effects of social media.