The Fix-My-Mind Machine

Studying “life” or change coaching, I noticed there were a lot of scripts. I know, a good coach does a lot more than that. But what if even 20% of that could be done for free?

I don’t think that will hurt anyone’s business. Just the opposite. “Life coaching” has a bad rap. If you’re not familiar with it, it sounds silly. “That’s right! Brush your teeth! Go! Go!”

But the “change” or “transformation” coaching I learned is powerful. Coaches don’t exactly give advice, by the way. They provide techniques and knowledge, they help organize and strategize, and they ask a special kind of question. They believe the answers you need are within you and that those answers need a little help.

I believe, once you see this special kind of question and feel the new directions it produces, you’ll get what a “coach” is for, and that benefits all coaches.

I also want to provide more creative and varied resources to as many people as possible. If you think of yourself as “giving advice” on a tough subject, like happiness, change, and life, it’s natural to keep it conservative and by-the-book. When I was having problems, that didn’t work for me.

So, the Fix-My-Mind Machine is mostly questions, and fun. Don’t think of me as “giving advice.” My goal is “giving options.”

None of these specific questions are taken from any of the courses or books I studied, of course! You’ll find some well-known information and some original content.

This website is under construction the first week of March and will be full of content soon!